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Windward is providing a multitude of engineering services for this Fortune 500 national technology company. The projects are located throughout the U.S. and our scope of work includes surveys of existing mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems. We prepare qualitative system analyses that include recommendations for proposed updates, reviews, and identifications of regulatory issues associated with the proposed project. Our engineering design involves fully functional MEP, fire protection, and fire alarm building systems to meet the proposed space’s program requirements.

We provided the design of new HVAC systems that includes supply and return air distribution of the existing system, hydronic piping systems, appurtenances, and automatic temperature controls to the new programmed area while utilizing existing mechanical systems where possible. New energy-saving lighting systems and controls were implemented into the projects, as well as the design of power circuiting for all lighting systems. Additional details include the coordination of new cable pathways, new branch circuits to serve the new programmed areas, and the design of new plumbing systems including domestic water piping and hot water generation.

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