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Windward provided M/E/P and fire protection engineering as well as telecommunications design services for the construction of a new 55,000 SF elementary school that includes a 110,000 SF complex with three dormitory buildings and a dining area. The school houses a music room, multipurpose room, classrooms, a computer lab, and office suites.

The new elementary school is air-conditioned via 2-pipe fan coil units that are located on the floor below the window in the administrative and common areas, and above the ceilings in the classrooms. Ventilation air is supplied into each space via rooftop air handling units. The music room and multipurpose room are air-conditioned via their own dedicated rooftop air handling units that utilize the dual temperature water system to heat and cool the air supply. The office suite, located on the first floor, is also air-conditioned via a rooftop air handling unit, but this system utilizes a packaged DX cooling system in conjunction with the central hot water heating system. The computer lab is air-conditioned via 2-pipe fan coil units and is equipped with a duct-mounted DX coil connected to a roof-mounted condensing unit to provide supplemental cooling during the intermediate seasons when only hot water is available in the 2-pipe system, but the computer lab requires cooling.

Domestic hot and cold-water systems for the new buildings were extended from the existing services located in the power plant.

The fire service for the project was revised to incorporate a 1,500 GPM electrically driven fire pump located in the existing power plant. A new water service to serve the fire pump was added and connected to the existing campus fire service lines serving all existing and new buildings. The existing fire lines on campus were also revised to include new fire hydrants as necessitated by code.

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