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Windward helps create environments that foster learning and collaboration. Schools of all sizes require practical designs and quality construction to sustain the building for years. We make sure schools are equipped with all resources, technology, and rooms necessary for a quality education. We have developed an extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art academic, science and technology, student life, and housing projects which offer functional, attractive, and use-friendly learning environments. The development of each project begins with careful programming in conjunction with the client.

Education Offerings

  • Academic & Classroom
  • Student Living
  • Campus Master Plan
  • Recreational Facility
  • Library & Learning Center
  • Performance Arts Center

  • Dining Hall
  • Full Cafeteria
  • Athletic Complex

At Windward, our engineers have cross-sector experience across multiple areas, bringing insight and knowledge from one seamlessly to the other.

From commercial real estate to retail to healthcare, and everywhere in between, we understand we’re not just building systems, but supporting the people and their mission.

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