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Windward has the expertise to provide engineering services as well as security and lighting designs for various high-tech and logistics facilities throughout the U.S. Our team understands the workings of a complex operation to manage the movement and storage of goods. We are familiar with the use of state-of-the-art logistics so that the process is more efficient and implement the best ways to increase sales and productivity.

Tech + Logistics Offerings

  • Warehouses
  • Multi-Story Facilities
  • Last Mile Distribution Centers

  • Manufacturing Headquarters
  • Renovations/Fit-Outs
  • Data Centers

  • R & D Facilities
  • Distribution & Fuel Centers
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

At Windward, our engineers have cross-sector experience across multiple areas, bringing insight and knowledge from one seamlessly to the other.

From commercial real estate to retail to healthcare, and everywhere in between, we understand we’re not just building systems, but supporting the people and their mission.

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