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The Windward Parkway office building underwent a transformative metamorphosis with a clear mission: to elevate the existing atrium entry into a captivating focal point, while blocking direct sun from hitting the security desk. The space’s height and narrowness ruled out using a lift, and scaffolding wasn’t practical. This mission demanded a meticulous dance through technical intricacies, beautiful design, and a demanding client schedule.

At the core of this metamorphosis is a radiant chandelier breathing life into the 100-foot atrium. Sixteen large-scale round fixtures, strategically choreographed in a cascade of light and color, now fill the space, providing a striking contrast to the rectilinear-bound building.

Four hoists were mounted on new structural steel over slots in the accessible roof. Cables were lowered and attached to the chandelier frame spanning otherwise inaccessible ceiling areas, allowing the entire installation to be lifted and lowered for maintenance. Every fixture element was designed to be lightweight, limiting stress on the building structure and hoists.

Limited roof slot locations necessitated meticulous calculations for structural stability, preventing torsion while creating the illusion of the chandelier cascading. With cable lengths exceeding 60 feet, considerations for cable and power cord weight were crucial. The project’s complexity was evident in the need for custom hoist systems, structural reinforcements, and new roofing details for equipment protection within “doghouses.”

Wireless dimming modules within each LED internally illuminated body streamlined control, reducing wiring complexity, while ensuring visual comfort, and energy savings, and offering effortless management via an iPad and timeclock. More than a symphony of art and illumination, the chandelier stands as a monument to technical prowess and intense collaboration led by the lighting designers’ team.

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