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Radian’s slogan is “Ensuring the American Dream”. From the first meeting, the owner’s desire for bright, vivid spaces with multiple layers of light that help guide people was clear. This concept of easy navigation and clear focus in the 151,296 SF space became a theme that drove the lighting design to create perspective views in circulation areas and to intentionally break the perspective view in gathering spaces. The client’s desire for high light levels posed a challenge in creating an energy-efficient and easily maintainable lighting design. The solution was to provide light to key architectural elements and to allow the light fixtures to interact with textures in the space. Additionally, layers of lower intensity light were concealed in the architecture to ensure contrast was appropriate and perspective was provided while not increasing the energy budget greatly. All fixtures were specified as 0-10 volt dimmable LEDs to allow for high-end trim and to maximize potential energy savings.

The grand connecting stair became a key design opportunity for lighting. The word key is an intentional pun in this context. Keys and glowing glass orbs were combined over the stair in an art installation representing customers’ homes and dreams being protected and surrounded by Radian’s light. From the clean perspective lines in the lobby spaces to the playfulness of the informal gathering spaces; from the power of the boardroom to the art of the grand stair… all combine to achieve the owner’s original goals of ensuring the American Dream.

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