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Renovating the 3,500 SF 5th floor office of 400 Park Avenue, enabled Ceruzzi Properties to display their unique style to potential clients. The lighting design responded to the variations in architectural materials to ensure each element received the necessary light to provide a stunning visual experience. A key design goal was to illuminate Ceruzzi’s impressive collection of artwork to be seen clearly through the office’s chic glass partitions.

Soft up-lighting gives this thoroughfare a floating ceiling effect that visually lightens the heavy concrete core. Careful placement of the light in this corridor makes the artwork pop without making the corridor appear dark. Light is balanced across the entire office to provide a seamless view through the glass partitions and highlight artwork on display. Continuing the floating ceiling effect in the reception area, downlighting in combination with darker surfaces makes this area visually relaxing while still responding to overall office design. Balanced light across the office minimizes glare off the glass partitions and helps maintain crystal clear views. A combination of different color temperature lights adds to the ambitious décor of this executive office. The back-lit ceiling is an iconic part of the Ceruzzi office, providing usable light for office work while creating an eye-catching element that visually lifts the space.

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