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Culliton Park was awarded a 2022 Achievement Award from the Places2040 Planning Leadership Awards Program in the “Taking Care of What We Have” category.  Windward’s Lighting Studio partnered with The City of Lancaster and RGS Associates on this park renovation and designed specialty lighting with dimming features and motion detectors, providing a balance of aesthetics, safety, and security while meeting the budget.

Located in the southwest neighborhood of Lancaster, PA, the 3.75-acre Culliton Park provides ample outdoor recreation opportunities to the surrounding community.  Windward’s Lighting Studio designed the sports lighting for the softball field, accent floodlighting for the hillside amphitheater/sledding area, pedestrian scale lighting for the walking path that winds through the park, and full cutoff area lighting for the parking lot.  The project includes the illumination of restored existing stone walls that were originally the foundations of industrial buildings once located along the edge of the park. The concealed wall grazing highlights the wall’s texture while brightening the perimeter of the park for added security.  Specific light fixtures feature dimming capabilities and motion sensors that automatically reduce light output when there is no activity, thereby saving energy and contributing to Dark-Sky initiatives.

This project also received Associated Builders and Contractors “Excellence in Construction” award for public works infrastructure (for construction).

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