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London-based HSBC is one of the largest financial institutions that we completed a roll-out of retail bank branches in New York. Windward has been engaged as a preferred vendor, providing site assessments and engineering services for this confidential financial client. We completed many projects throughout New York, including renovations and refurbishment of existing locations. Our services included site investigations, code investigations, schematic designs, design development documents, construction documents, and building permit applications.

Our engineering services support included the prototype branch bank designs, development of U.S. design standards, ground-up construction, and renovations, as well as the refurbishment of existing locations, and the design and execution of a new prototype branch in Chicago.

Additionally, the Windward Team provided fire protection engineering services associated with the design of new addressable fire alarm systems for 14 HSBC locations in New York and Florida. Our team surveyed each site and field located each device to ensure a coordinated design. Each design included a new addressable fire alarm panel, remote annunciator, pull stations, complete on-ceiling smoke detection and notifications throughout the entire bank. In an effort to reduce labor costs and minimize the impact to the existing spaces, ceiling mounted notification devices were used. Our team provided construction period services to aid in the successful completion of these projects.

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