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St. Paul VI Catholic High School has a capacity of 1,200 students and 150 faculty and staff members. The 268,400 SF building includes classrooms, a 700-seat auditorium with a balcony, a 2,000-seat gymnasium, a 400-seat auxiliary gymnasium, a 500-seat cafeteria, and a 200-seat chapel.

Windward performed commissioning services for LEED certification, emergency power, and fire protection. Our commissioning work included design reviews, Owner’s Project Requirements development, and monitoring of the installation, testing, and start-up of the HVAC equipment.

The main classrooms are served by VRF systems with rooftop dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), and the large auditoriums and gymnasiums are served by packaged rooftop units. Certain unique HVAC features include humidifiers in the musical instrument storage rooms, destratification fans in spaces with ceilings greater than 20 feet, and DOAS that need to control specific supply and exhaust air quantities in science classrooms with supplemental exhaust fans.

The project fulfilled the LEED requirements to achieve LEED Gold although certification was not pursued.

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