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Fire Safety Code Improvements
Windward was responsible for the correction of fire code deficiencies in the State Capitol Complex including the Finance Building, Transportation and Safety Building, Forum Building, Capitol Building, North Office Building, Health and Welfare Building, Labor and Industry Building, and the South Office Building. Specific items to be addressed are the installation of sprinklers in all buildings; replacement of fire alarm systems; provision of additional means of egress; and smoke management.

Air Movement and Thermal Stacking Study
Windward conducted a study of air movement and thermal stacking problems in the historically significant, 550,000-SF, historic
Main Capitol Building (constructed in 1906), and the more recently constructed, adjacent East Wing. The project included an analysis of ventilation, fire protection, and associated electrical systems, as well as window systems throughout the four, above-ground stories and basement levels of both buildings.

Lighting System Upgrade
Throughout the renovation process, the Windward lighting team developed solutions to improve interior and exterior lighting while reducing energy costs. For example, by implementing more advanced technology and selecting proper lighting hardware, the central dome at the main rotunda was illuminated to the same light level, but at a small fraction of the energy consumption, of the previous design. In fact, the interior and exterior of the center dome, along with the exterior of the smaller north and south domes, the center west portico, and three flags could all be lighted at an annual energy cost of $7,000 less than what it previously took to light only the center dome. Interior spaces, such as the Senate Chamber, light wells and individual congressmen’s offices, were all re-lit as part of the renovations. Special care was taken to integrate equipment into the architecture, in order to respect the historic fabric of the century-old building. While many construction obstacles existed, Windward was able to reduce energy usage and increase light levels in many areas. Although not originally in the scope of work, the lighting upgrades will provide the most visible and lasting legacy of this project in the eyes of the community.

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