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At Windward, we believe in the human right to healthy environments, and the urgent need for creating sustainable and resilient design solutions for future generations. We embrace the philosophy of wellness as a state of being in harmony with mind, body, and the environment or unci maka – grandmother earth. With a holistic and integrated design approach, we strive to design systems that promote that balance and wellness.

Sustainable design is about action, measurable results, and human-centered renovation.

Energy + Sustainability Offerings

  • Climate-Based Design
  • Building Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Thermal Comfort Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Building Performance Audits
  • Sustainability Certification Consulting
  • Net Zero Energy & Carbon Analysis

From commercial real estate to retail to healthcare, and everywhere in between, we understand we’re not just building systems, but supporting the people and their mission.

At Windward, our engineers have cross-sector experience across multiple areas, bringing insight and knowledge from one seamlessly to the other.

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